Hi again, I'm Urvesh. Welcome to my little corner of the Internet.

I'm a multidisciplinary product designer who is passionate about solving problems for people. Currently, I am a UX designer at Walmart Global Tech, designing multiple enterprise products for Walmart suppliers, merchants, and associates.

My career story

Even before I entered the field of design, I was drawn to design by its interdisciplinary nature—it's a field that demands careful triangulation between engineering, art, and business. I thoroughly enjoy solving problems for people. This is what led me to the exciting world of UX and to pursue a masters in product design.

I have recently graduated with a M.S. in User Experience Design and hold a B.S. in Information Systems from the Virginia Commonwealth University. Beyond designing for usability, usefulness, and delight, my unique background has helped me think in systems, be data-driven, all while having a good sense for consumer behavior and the market.

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My design philosophy

Be curious.

I feel that as designers, it is important for us to be curious. And more than just being curious about the world around us. But also to have the right mindset to be curious. Having a growth mindset - one where you are open to honest feedback and changes, to be always asking the right questions to seek the right answers, to be able to accept failure and setbacks positively, and grow from it.

Have creativity.

This is a core trait that all designers should have - it is one of the key reasons why we are employed to do. To create new ideas, new opportunities, new solutions and new possibilities. This is why businesses and clients seek us for help. If we are not able to be creative and only able to think of and stick to that one idea, then being a designer may not be the path for you.

Be compassionate.

Ultimately why we design is to make lives better for others. Be it for people, animals, environment, society, businesses and organizations. In order for us to fully serve and be of service to these benefactors, we need to empathize and have the compassion in want to learn about the challenges and pain points they are facing, so that we can think of solutions to help them.

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